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Poster 1 – Utilities and Beer

Poster 2 – Groceries and Entertainment

Poster 3 – Transportation and Personal Shopping

Website Home

Website Home 2 – slide columns to enter values

Website – Housing

Website – Housing, values entered

Completed Budget Print-out

And Then Some:
Budgeting for College Students

Design Methodology, 2013
Group Project, DAAP

And Then Some is a stepping stone that motivates people to take action with their financial choices and gives them a simple, personalized budgeting experience. This tool ultimately balances student's wants and needs through a) engaging students in a marketing campaign on and around campus and b) providing them with an online budgeting resource. We chose a very honest, humorous and distinct tone to relate to our audience and grab their attention. To view our complete brand pitch, click here. 

Part 1: The Campaign

Creates an engaging print campaign that caters to a college audience by creating clever financial juxtapositions, and using a specific tone. 

Emphasizes ability to budget for the student’s wants and needs.

Compels students to reflect and take action with their finances by creating a personal budget. 

Part 2: The Budgeting Resource

Creates a user-based web experience that allows students to quickly and easily create a budget.

Provides personalized budget plan for users to incorporate into their lives to achieve financial independence.