When I was in middle school, someone gifted me a book called "Girls Who Rocked The World." It was very 90's, had photo-collage style illustrations, and was full of inspiring women who did amazing things under the age of 18. I don't know who gave it to me, and I couldn't find it on my shelf of nostalgic childhood books, but I remember it talked about Joan of Arc, and Cleopatra, and it was awesome and empowering. I was mindlessly scrolling through instagram the other day, through pages and pages of "fitspiration" and "real women have curves" posts and rantings about Kylie Jenner's lips, and this book suddenly popped back into my consciousness, and inspired me.

I've been painting animals for a couple years now, because they're fun, lighthearted subjects and don't require too much concentration, but have been meaning to challenge myself with actual human portraits. I thought it might be interesting if I merged this hobby of mine, with the desire to learn more about some awesome women. Momentum has been building behind female empowerment, from the "Ban Bossy" movement to the "Girl Boss" podcast. So for the next year, I'll be posting painting and brief descriptions of some bad ass women from various backgrounds and accomplishments. Maybe someone will be inspired, or maybe i'll just get some practice with my watercolors. I hope you enjoy them! (And if you have a bosslady you look up to, share! I'll be taking requests.)