Cultivar – Spreading the truth about extra virgin olive oil

Identity Design, Packaging Design, Information Design
Capstone Project – University of Cincinnati
January – April 2014

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a commonly used food, but there is a cloud of fraud surrounding production and distribution that misleads buyers. My goal was to educate the consumer about deceptive products, how to recognize true extra virgin olive oil, and best practices for use.

After months of researching olive oil fraud, existing brands, and consumer behavior, the Cultivar brand was created. Cultivar is a brand dedicated to spreading the truth about extra virgin olive oil. It does so through tasting events and a monthly oil subscription service, partnering with honest California olive farmers to provide customers with the highest quality oils monthly. 

Cultivar by definition is an organism of an agricultural or horticultural variety or strain. It speaks to the unique variety of olives used in its products, and the cultivation of knowledge within the consumer.