Parking Lot Directionals and Identification


Monument – This art piece exists on the corner of Findlay and Race St to let visitors know they've arrived at the market. Findlay Market lives directly behind the monument but is not visible due to trees. 

Laser-cut model of monument structure.

Aluminum banners serve as directionals to the parking lots and also create a sense of placewithin the Findlay Market area. 

Laser-cut models of banners at 1/2 scale.

Supergraphics are located on building walls surrounding the parking lots. 

Kiosks – Located in parking lots providing a tear-off notepad with map and information about the market. Directory – located at entrances to the market house. 

Findlay Market:
The Pre-Market Experience

Design Systems, 2013

Findlay Market is a historic market in the heart of downtown Cincinnati that chose to work with groups of DAAP students on a new wayfinding system. Our group's strategy was to create a journey to the market that matched the ease, vibrance, and fun of the Findlay Market shopping experience. Our team consisted of interactive, motion, and print designers so we chose to tackle this strategy through: a streamlined web experience, simplified driving and parking, and expanded "Findlay experience" through placemaking. Our audience is 23-30 year old women who would be driving to the market from surrounding areas. 

To view the complete final presentation we gave to the client, click here. It includes our entire design system along with web and smart phone application.